Methods and Tactics

There are literally thousands of fish catching permutations and the prospective river angler has to learn at least a few of these if he/she is to catch fish consistently.  There are two basic “disciplines” and one should learn how to practise both.  Float fishing in all its forms and ledgering.  Only two?  Sounds simple doesn’t it.  It’s actually rather more complicated than that.  Methods and Tactics.

Fishing a river with a float properly is highly skilled, almost an art form.  To begin with, there are different floats for different types of flow, even different weather conditions.  Each float is weighted or “shot” differently depending on what type of float it is and what it is being used for.  There are stick floats of many different types, wagglers in various forms, peacocks, avons, chubbers, the list goes on but all these floats are designed for a specific task in mind.  Ledgering basically involves putting a bait on the river bed whilst using various forms of bite indication.  There are countless forms of ledgering and they will be fully explained within the “Methods And Tactics” pages.

“Floating Crust” is another technique which is technically neither float fishing or ledgering but moreover a method where the bait itself is the form of detection when the fish takes it.  This method can be heart stopping especially when used for catching wary chub.  Once again there is more to this method than one might assume so I will be explaining the finer details in Methods and Tactics as well.