Wild Ways And Country Days.

Wild Ways and Country Days


Walk with me on the wild side as I talk about Wild Ways and Country Days.  In Wild Ways I will be featuring the species of flora and fauna that I either encounter or feel should be included within my site.  The rivers habitat is huge so within it there are far more species of flora and fauna than I could ever hope to list here.  In any case, this section is aimed at shinning a light on certain species which the river angler is likely to encounter whilst being out along the river fishing.  Some species will be known to many and some not so well known.   This section will be ongoing and serve as my record of what I see whilst I am out and about either along the rivers edge or in the surrounding countryside.

Country Days is my recollections going back to the days when I used to be a poacher.  These are an ongoing collection of my stories and the stories of other poachers who were friends of mine at the time.  I will reveal poachers secrets about how the “art” is practiced along with the tools of the poaching trade.  How to train dogs to catch rabbits, hares, partridges, pheasants and ducks. How to keep ferrets and how to make all manner of nets and traps intended to catch ground game.  With each passing year a lot of the old ways and skills are being lost.  The ease with which we buy our food from the supermarkets today has dulled the hunting instincts many possessed when I was a lad.   If nothing else, Country Days will teach those perhaps unaware what it was like to catch your own food and how to prepare it for the table.   I will also tell the stories about many of the characters I ran with in the early years of my life.  As with everything else on my site these recollections and stories will be ongoing.